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Additional security measures for international flights to the United States

Due to a request from the Transportation Security Administration, additional security measures will be effective from April 25, 2018.

Economy passengers traveling into the United States must visit our check-in US counters (L29-L36) at least 2 hours prior to departure for the security measures (First/Business/Premium Counter: L1-L18).

Transit passengers will go through security check at the transit checkpoint.

※ Kiosk, web and mobile passengers without any checked bags will be requested for additional security measures at the boarding gate.

Passengers entering into the United States should be aware of their travel plans including their itinerary or purpose of the trip. There may be an additional security check at the boarding gate for any personal electronic devices so please take precautions to remove the electronic devices from its cases.

※ When the case is not removed from the electronic device, the device cannot be carried through in-cabin or checked baggage.

Thank you.

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